Trauma-Informed Coaching & ConsultingTrauma-Informed Coaching & ConsultingTrauma-Informed Coaching & ConsultingTrauma-Informed Coaching & Consulting

Life Beyond Trauma

Naomi is here to share her "Pain to Purpose" story along with how trauma has acted as a catalyst to greatness in her life. She leads open and engaging conversations that inspire audiences to challenge their fears and step into their power! As an advocate for survivors, her work is trauma informed, raw and transparent!



Post Traumatic Growth: A Transformational Journey

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? This interactive presentation is created using my lived experience and the experiences of those I've served and worked alongside over the past 8 years.  I will help you and your team figure out, not just what  Post Traumatic Growth is, but also train them in a revolutionary process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace.

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Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your team and get them ready to shape the future. Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.

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A prominent leader in my field, I will bring conscious connections to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

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